New Chapter in Cannabis History

New Cancellation Policy: Due to Covid-19, all future tours can be canceled with no notice, for a full refund.
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Green Dream Cannabis Tours is unable to offer tours right now due to sheltering-in-place orders announced in March. The San Francisco Bay Area became the first region in the nation to demand that residents stay at home, excluding essential business, to minimize the spread of COVID-19.
Cannabis tours were immediately affected by the order, and so were San Francisco cannabis dispensaries, at first. When San Francisco Mayor London Breed made her announcement on March 16, dispensaries were not listed as essential businesses. With the shelter-in-place order scheduled to take place in less than 24 hours, long lines began forming at San Francisco cannabis dispensaries as people wondered just how long they would be closed. The buying frenzy rivaled the run on toilet paper.
It took less than 24 hours before the San Francisco Department of Public Health announced that cannabis was indeed “essential medicine” and that dispensaries could reopen and continue to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic.
A week later on March 21, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control also ruled that cannabis was an essential medicine. Dispensaries throughout the state were allowed to operate as long as they enforced social distancing and other anti-congregating measures. Online ordering with curbside pick-ups and delivery services helped reduce traffic inside the dispensaries.
The fact that cannabis was designated as essential during the COVID-19 pandemic reflects demand and the degree to which acceptance has grown. It also highlights another chapter in San Francisco’s historic pro-cannabis policies.
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San Francisco is considered the birthplace of the legalization movement. The first medical marijuana dispensary in the country opened in San Francisco in 1992 and the city made medical marijuana legal in 1996. Nearly 20 years earlier, San Francisco began to show its true cannabis colors when possession of less than one ounce was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. Today, cannabis is legal for adult use in California and 10 other states, and legal for medical use in 33 states.
Green Dream Cannabis Tours is fully committed to educating the public about the health benefits and history of cannabis. Please join us on a fun and informative cannabis tour when tourism reopens in San Francisco. We will update this page as the situation changes.

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