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9 Must-Have Accessories for Cannabis Lovers

Cannabis Accessories

Cannabis lovers rely on a variety of accessories to indulge in their favorite pastime from weed seeds to grow your own to the dopiest gadgets. Every day there are new tools or devices that assist cannabis connoisseurs in getting high faster and more efficiently.

Grinder with Kief Catcher

Pot Grinder 

A definite necessity, grinders are the best way to prepare cannabis for use without getting grimy, slimy hands. Nothing works better to grind the pot into a stem-free consistency for good puffs. It’s best to select a grinder that features a kief catcher in order to create the foremost of marijuana.

Airtight Container

Nothing protects against the skunk smell better than an airtight container. Airtight containers keep your marijuana spill-free and fresh. Having good marijuana is vital. But to keep it good, a hermetically sealed jar is mandatory if you would like to keep your marijuana within the best condition while masking the smell.


A no-brainer, ashtrays are vital for indoor stoners. You can tell everything about stoners by the ashtrays they use. Every stoner needs an ashtray and it’s essential to keep one around when you smoke.

Multi-Tool Lighter

It’s incredible what technology can do to something as simple as a lighter. You can identify knowledgeable cannabis users by their lighting gadgets, with some also featuring wicks, steel pokers and tampers. When it involves lighters, there’s a legend about Marley and the way he died after employing a white lighter. Whether you believe the story or not, it’s best not to take any chances and avoid white lighters.

Barbary Coast Dispensary

Dab Tool & Blowtorch

Getting a true dab scooper prevents you from destroying the writing pens you have been using to scoop out your oil. Since lighters don’t burn hot enough for the potent concentrates that were sourced from THC seeds, it’s best to use a blowtorch if you are looking to ride the dab train. Green Dream Cannabis Tours visits Barbary Coast Dispensary in San Francisco, which features a dab bar. If you’re unfamiliar with dabbing, the San Francisco cannabis tour is a great chance to try out this trend.

Joint Roller & Rolling Tray

Rolling joints, spliffs and blunts are often messy. Using a rolling tray prevents marijuana from spilling everywhere and keeps a stoner’s space clean. We’re not all blessed with a steady hand for the right rolling technique, so a number of smokers use joint rollers. Using one ensures that each joint is rolled to perfection.

Air Filter

Air filters, also known as sploofs, are for the essential stoners. Rather than blowing smoke everywhere in your house and having your roommate know that you wake and bake, an air filter allows you to blow into an air cleaner and avoid that smokey smell wafting everywhere.

Joint Filter Tips

Filter tips keep your joints from sealing over and turning into a marijuana mummy while providing better airflow. Using glass filter tips and all-natural rolling papers will make every smoke great.

Pipe Screens

Every cannabis user has no doubt experienced the horrors of the Scooby Snacks. A Scooby Snack is when a piece of marijuana flies into your mouth when you’re trying to light your bowl. Pipe screens prevent deteriorating marijuana from burning your mouth and throat.


A true cannabis lover knows that smoking marijuana with a bong is one of the best ways to enjoy the buds. The significant benefit to water pipes is that the water filters and cools the smoke. Also, it minimizes the number of toxins that you might inhale while inhaling.

Learn more about cannabis accessories, the legalization movement which started in San Francisco and the effects of various strains by joining Green Dream Cannabis Tours for a half-day experience. Our San Francisco cannabis tour is great for true connoisseurs and newbies.

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