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Heather in the desert

Heather was born in San Francisco during the Summer of Love and spent her first years growing up in Haight-Ashbury. One of the many amazing things the Bay Area has to offer is its diverse population with people from all over the world and every day, interesting new visitors are arriving. Heather treats each day as an opportunity to not only make new friends, but to also learn about lives in other places.

She’s been tour-guiding for almost 20 years and got her start by taking small groups on camping tours throughout America and Canada. She loves to travel and has already been to 6 countries in 2019! Heather likes to call tour guiding “traveling in place.” She enjoys meeting people from all over the world and bringing them together to enjoy learning about the area and having a fun day in the Bay Area.

Dylan smiling and giving a thumbs-up next to the golden gate bridge

Dylan loves tour guiding! Ever since he started guiding in 2015, he’s enjoyed every minute of showing both historical and local spots to tourists from all over. Originally from Virginia, Dylan has lived in the Bay Area since 2004 and has been in love with all things San Francisco ever since. When he’s not leading a tour with Green Dreams Cannabis Tours, he’s making music with his synthpop group, Young Spader.

Man with jacket and tie standing in front of vineyard

Robin grew up in Marin and San Francisco in the 1970s, so he remembers the Summer of Love like it was yesterday. He’s hitchhiked across the US four times, driven in a demolition derby, worked as a grape picker near Cognac, taught English in Japan, and piloted a San Francisco taxicab for thousands of miles without crashing. He also spent twenty years as a graphic designer and art director, creating advertising for major brands.

Today, semi-retired, he lives with his wife and dog in Bernal Heights, publishes short fiction (ask about his book on Amazon!) and specializes in wine country explorations and now cannabis adventures.

Aaron looking at camera

Aaron is a longtime SF resident with roots in the Bay Area and an eclectic background that includes the taxi industry, finance, start-ups, and now tour guiding. He has traveled extensively in Europe and the Far East but also enjoys the landscape and history of California and the Bay Area. Aaron is also an avid tennis player, a classical music fan, and the father of two grown daughters who now thankfully both live on the West Coast. When’s he’s not working or playing tennis, you can find him either at home with his nose in a crossword puzzle or hiking some of the many trails on the California coast.

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