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Cannabis Influencers to Follow in 2021

Cannabis Influencers Instagram

Throughout December and January, we’ve found ourselves in a holding pattern due to San Francisco restrictions in place to reduce the spread of Covid. To fill the void, we have been enjoying vicarious experiences and storytelling thanks to social media posts, photos and creative insights by cannabis influencers.

Here are a few cannabis influencers to follow in 2021. These 420 advocates frequently provide inside knowledge on emerging cannabis trends from the around world, often emphasizing Northern California.

Steve DeAngelo

Instagram: @steve.deangelo



Steve DeAngelo is a must-follow. Often referred to as the Father of the Cannabis Industry, DeAngelo co-founded Oakland-based Harborside Inc., which has set the standard for dispensaries, and other canna businesses, since 2006. His YouTube channel includes a fascinating tour that explores the indigenous cannabis farms of Colombia. With more than 40K followers on Instagram, DeAngelo frequently uses social media to advocate for full legalization and social justice.


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Cannabis Feminist

Instagram: @cannabistfeminist


The brainchild of Harvard Business School graduate Jessica Assaf, Cannabis Feminist’s motto is “The future of cannabis is feminine.” We love that! Assaf is also a co-founder of Prima, a health and wellness company with an array of CBD products. Her Cannabis Feminist Instagram page has nearly 47K followers thanks to her ability to destigmatize cannabis. She also tosses in a splash of politics, culture and news for a well-rounded glance at things that impact and interest most cannabis users.


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Swami Select

Instagram: @swamiselect


Although Swami Select is a premium cannabis brand, it’s named after the real Swami, who is famous for his organic, sun-grown flower. Based in the heart of the Emerald Triangle in Mendocino, Swami and his partner, Nikki, are craft cannabis pioneers, helping nurture small, organic farming throughout the region. Nicknamed the “Swami of Pot” by Rolling Stone Magazine, Swami and Nikki are industry elite, professing the medicinal benefits of cannabis while turning their passion into their livelihood. Their website sells T-shirts, coffee mugs, hoodies and even an herb jar. The website also identifies which California dispensaries carry the coveted Swami Select.


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Tim Blake

Instagram: @blake_mendocino, @theemeraldcup


Even if you haven’t heard of Tim Blake, you’ve probably heard of The Emerald Cup. Considered the Academy Awards or Grammys of cannabis, The Emerald Cup has been judging outdoor, sun-grown flower for nearly two decades, creating a community celebration around the awards. Blake is the founder and producer of the event, now held in San Rosa just north of San Francisco. Blake’s connections have helped him bring cannabis luminaries to The Emerald Cup for the annual Willie Nelson Award, given for lifetime achievements.


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Brian Applegarth

Instagram: @brianapplegarth


Brian helped train the Green Dream Cannabis Tours staff as we prepared to launch our San Francisco tours in March 2020. He has pushed cannabis tourism into the mainstream with advocacy aimed at hotels and destination marketing organizations, including San Francisco Travel. He’s the founder of the California Cannabis Tourism Association and helped organize the groups’s first tourism summit in December. Applegarth is very active on LinkedIn and frequently posts cannabis new and milestones in his efforts to destigmatize the plant.


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