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Find the Best Weed in San Francisco

Magnolia Cannabis Museum Wall

One of the great things about living in the San Francisco Bay Area if you love smoking weed or trying different strains is that there are tons of places to shop.


San Francisco boasts more cannabis dispensaries than any other city in Northern California, with 35. San Jose has 16 and Oakland has nine.


We also love the variety of dispensaries. There are boutique shops that seem more like jewelry stores than places to buy pot. Then there are small corner dispensaries that feel like old-time drug stores. Oakland even boasts a superstore similar to a Kmart or Target.


Here are 8 dispensaries that sell the best weed in San Francisco and beyond:


Barbary Coast Sign

Barbary Coast Dispensary

ThisSan Francisco downtown dispensary feels like a bar. It features a place to dab wax and oil, and a consumption lounge. Its proximity to Union Square and the fact you can smoke weed inside make it popular among tourists looking for a place to use.

Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley

Founded in 1996, the year medical marijuana became legal in California, CBCB as it’s known has a community-center vibe specializing in holistic healthcare. Salespeople are more like health-care workers than pot merchandisers.


The superstore of dispensaries has locations in Oakland, San Leandro, San Jose and Desert Hot Springs. There are nearly 600 items on the company’s Oakland website, which reflects the volume and variety of products.

Have A Heart

With two dispensaries in Oakland, Have A Heart claims to have the “highest quality weed at the fairest prices.” The company started with five locations in the state of Washington and has expanded to Oregon and California. Its multi-state operations have resulted in products that are hard to find at other dispensaries in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Magnolia Cannabis Product Display

Magnolia Wellness

As an original medical marijuana dispensary that has been open more than 20 years, Magnolia Wellness is committed to enriching lives through the use of cannabis. It has dispensaries in Oakland and San Francisco. The Oakland dispensary features a dab bar and vape lounge, and they allow people to bring in their own products to vape, unlike most places that require onsite purchases. There’s also a hallway that serves as a museum of cannabis history. (Magnolia closed temporarily during COVID but expects to open soon.)


Producing high-quality cannabis since 1998, Sparc is known for its organic, biodynamic weed grown only with natural sunlight. It opened its first medical marijuana retail outlet in 2010 and now has three stores in San Francisco and two others in Santa Rosa and Sebastopol.

The Apothecarium

This collection of dispensaries puts the glam in buying weed. It’s hard to tell if you’re in a jewelry store or a pot shop, with a seated waiting area equipped with menu booklets to browse through until it’s your turn. There are three San Francisco dispensaries and another in Las Vegas. The store in San Francisco’s Marina District is the closest to Marin County, which does not have retail dispensaries (although delivery service is allowed).


Cannabis products are displayed on shelves at this San Francisco drug store, allowing buyers to shop with baskets, unlike most dispensaries that require you to ask for products over the counter. There’s a community lounge for trying out your purchases onsite with friends.


Our Green Dream Cannabis Tours visit several dispensaries, allowing you to shop like a pro. You’ll also get to check out a consumption lounge so you’re in a San Francisco state of mind.

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