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Green Dream Strain – Fun & Energetic

Green Dream Bud

Green Dream – Our Namesake

The Green Dream strain of cannabis is kind of like our Green Dream Cannabis Tours—fun and energetic with no paranoia.


Even before we started offering cannabis tours in the San Francisco Bay Area, people asked us if we had anything to do with marijuana. We are now happy to say yes.


The story behind our name is that Green Dream Tours has been running San Francisco wine tours to Napa and Sonoma since 2008. While it’s very cool that we share our name with a strain, the Green Dream that we’re associated with has more to do with our commitment to green practices and sustainable tourism than pot.


With cannabis legal in California and 10 other states, we decided to branch out with Green Dream Cannabis Tours. Designed for connoisseurs and the weed-curious, our cannabis tours provide fun and educational experiences while exploring dispensaries, the history of legalization and much more.


Green Dream Strain

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

The Green Dream strain also has well-known parents. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between Green Crack and Blue Dream.

Green Crack Characteristics

Having Green Crack as a parent strain, Green Dream provides an up buzz perfect for day-time use. According to Leafly, 61% of those trying Green Dream reported feelings of happiness, while 54% felt uplifted.

Blue Dream Characteristics

The Green Dream strain also helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression thanks to its Blue Dream parent. The Blue Dream genetics are responsible for limiting feelings of paranoia occasionally associated with high-powered sativa strains like Green Crack.


All-Bud reports that the Green Dream strain stimulates cerebral effects including imagination and creativity while helping those who suffer from ADHD and boosting sociability. In other words, it’s the perfect party strain that’s great for lots of activities—like a cannabis tour.

Cannabis Tours

Just as Green Dream Cannabis Tours is based in San Francisco, the legalization movement has its roots in The City by the Bay. If you’re going to take a cannabis tour, San Francisco is the place to do it.

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