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Cannabis Tours are Like Wine Tours

Hands preparing cannabis cigarette on a table full of cannabis
Cannabis Tours and Wine Tours Have Lots in Common.


What is taking a cannabis tour really like? And why should you even take one? Answering these questions is a tall order, but we’re giving it our best shot.


Our Wine Tour Expertise Carries Over to Cannabis

This really does depend on which company you decide to take a tour with, but think about it like a wine tour. You go to the winery, maybe walk around the grounds, and see the vines where the grapes are grown. Your guide leads you around, tells you about the different varieties of wine cultivated a each winery, how their processes set them apart from other wineries, all while sampling the wine you’re learning about. When you’ve done all this at one winery, you may then continue to another winery and go through a similar process.


In essence, that’s what our cannabis tours are like. Green Dream Tours has been taking people from San Francisco to Napa and Sonoma since 2008, so we have lots of experience in tourism and consumption!


Our Green Dream Cannabis Tours start out at a dispensary — a storefront that’s not unlike a tasting room — and the resident experts there will tell us about their products, primarily where each variety comes from and what each one’s composition is like. Of course in this case, we won’t be talking about notes of peach and tannins but the ratio of CBD to THC. (Check out our post on the science of cannabis for more info on that.) The dispensary experts will be able to answer any and all questions that you may have about their products or even cannabis in general. Then we’ll get to sample the product, if you are so inclined. (Unlike many wine tours, the sampling on our cannabis tours is not included in the price). Read more about our public cannabis tour on our tour page.)


Then we dig deep into the history of legalization, including the role San Francisco played in leading this movement. Your guide will tell you about the revolution that was born from the minds and hard work of passionate San Franciscans… an experience akin to a winemaker telling you about the history of their personal winery or how a certain variety made it to the United States.


Have we piqued your interest, quashed your fears, or both? It’s not so “out there” after all. It’s time to take a chance and sign up for our half-day public tour. Feel free to head to our tour page to book your spot today!

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