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San Francisco Cannabis Tours – The Best Thing To Do In San Francisco

Closeup of Plant in San Francisco Cannabis Tour

There are many things to see and do in San Francisco, and now a San Francisco Cannabis Tour is high on that list.


Maybe you’re a little curious about the new world of legal cannabis, but feel slightly uncomfortable exploring it on your own. You might have friends who use edibles to help them sleep at night and you’d like to give ’em a try, too.


Green Dream Tours is here to help whether you’re a true cannabis connoisseur or a newbie. As the premier San Francisco wine tour specialist for more than a decade, Green Dream Cannabis Tours now offers small-group experiences with something for everyone.


Cannabis Cafe in San Francisco Cannabis Tour“We’re excited to build on our success as the top-rated wine tour specialist in San Francisco by offering a comprehensive cannabis experience,” says Elie Sasson, the owner of Green Dream Tours. “Just as there’s no better place than the San Francisco Bay Area to go wine tasting, the region also is ground zero for the cannabis legalization movement. If you’re going to take a cannabis tour, San Francisco is the place to do it.” 


Green Dream Cannabis Tours include visits to popular dispensaries, which feature consumption lounges. (That means you can smoke, vape, dab or munch on edibles onsite.) 


A Green Dream Cannabis Tours guide will provide colorful insights about San Francisco’s rich cannabis culture and its heavy hitters. Long before legalization began to gain public approval nationally and internationally, San Francisco voted to make medical marijuana legal back in 1991. Five years later in 1996, San Francisco activist Dennis Peron and others took the movement statewide to help California become the first state to legalize medical marijuana.


Cannabis Activist Dennis Peron


Today, cannabis is legal in 11 states for adults over 21 and legal for medical use in 33 states. San Francisco is at the epicenter for product quality and innovation, both of which will be on full display during the Green Dream Cannabis Tours.


Other key topics covered during the tour include the biology of cannabis, Northern California’s Emerald Triangle as the cultivation mecca, and Oakland’s world-famous cannabis university.


The group size for Green Dream Cannabis Tours is limited to 14. Tours will be run in comfortable mini buses or vans. 


The tour begins at Barbary Coast Dispensary, 952 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103.

San Francisco Cannabis Tour Starting Location

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